I'm Jose Marzan Jr. I’ve been working in the comic book industry since I was 16 years old. I’ve worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Disney, etc. I received two Eisner Awards for my work on Y: THE LAST MAN. I also do spot illustrations.  Many years ago my work was exhibited in the Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition.  I’m not a natural writer. This Substack will give me the motivation to do some writing and post drawings, paintings, etc., but I don’t expect to write long pieces. That’s just not me, and time is precious these days. I’m grateful that you support my efforts in this Substack newsletter.

What is Digital Pen and ink?

Digital Pen and Ink is a place to post drawings and say something about them, about the process, the thoughts, memories, whatever. Who says that a blog has to be written? Let’s make art blogs. All sorts of drawings - figure drawings, still lifes, abstracts, and maybe even a superhero or two; personal work and commercial work; good drawings and bad drawings. Whatever works and feels right. Just to draw for the love of drawing, and discuss the work and the process.

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Jose Marzan Jr.
Comic book artist and illustrator with 39 (39!?!?) years in the business.